Let’s Grow Literacy Outdoors


WHAT YOU GET: Each Module includes:
  • In-depth videos from me, Victoria Hackett, that walk you through my easy-to-follow examples and instructions for adding literacy outdoors.
  • Nature-Based activities, ideas, and seeds of inspiration for 4 types of gardens.
  • Access to a private Facebook group with like-minded educators where I will give you feedback and guidance. We will share best practices and extend our nature-based children’s book discussions.
  • Weekly Literacy activity planning goals and check-ins
  • My hand-picked selection of nature-based children’s booklists and how to use them as “seeds of inspiration” for growing literacy outdoors in the 4 types of gardens.

WHERE: This is a self-paced, online Master Class that you can take from the comforts of home.

HOW MUCH: $197 sold separately. Included in CIRCLE Membership which is $37/per month

Sign up Today! Now is the time to re-engage and learn how to Nature-Based Children’s Books can transform the outdoor learning experience

Questions? Please email me at victoria@outdoor-classrooms.com

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You’re in love with nature-based children’s books and read outdoors under the trees with children. But lately, you can’t figure out how to bring your favorite children’s books to life outdoors in a new way. You want to take your literacy outdoor ideas to the next level but get stuck capturing children’s wonder outdoors because you are lacking inspiration.

You love the idea of creating a Literacy Garden outdoors, but there never seems to be enough time in the day for all the trial and error that it takes to transform your brilliant ideas into reality.

You love the idea of infusing literacy outdoors while refreshing your Nature-Based Curriculum tool kit. I hear you. How could you possibly add more to your busy schedule? It tough just getting out of the starting gates.

Well… what if there was a simple and fun way to plant seeds of inspiration and grow literacy outdoors while taking your teaching to the next level?

What if, instead of doing the same old lessons with the same old children’s books, you could catapult your teaching program with new Nature-Based curriculum ideas into the outdoors while harnessing children’s wonder? The result? A playful way of learning!

What if you could find new inspiration, a huge list of favorite Nature-Based children’s books, new curriculum ideas, and a community of like-minded teachers and parents in your teaching practice outdoors?

In the Let’s Grow Literacy Outdoors Master Class, you will weave children’s literature into your Outdoor Classroom experience.  This course will enable educators to play with practical “shoestring budget” nature-based literacy ideas within 4 types of Gardens. Teachers and parents are invited to develop high-quality outdoor learning environments. This is where you lay the foundation of your vision for a Literacy Garden. You will come away with renewed energy, intention, and an understanding of how Literacy Outdoors can improve child development. Don’t forget the amazing, supportive and inspiring community. During this Master Class, you will:

  • Understand how to add writing, reading, talking, and listening to the 4 Types of Gardens.
  • Learn how to create a Curriculum-on-the Go Literacy Kit
  • Play with nature-based children’s books, planting ideas, and growing activities
  • Discover how to create an invitation for learning that is inspired by children’s books.

This Master Class is driven by wonder. I’ve taken the guesswork out of how to add literacy outdoors so that you can easily implement and get your literacy garden up and running in no time. It offers you an opportunity to take a deeper look into your nature-based children’s books while transforming your own practice for teaching outdoors.

Almost every dedicated and experienced teacher falls into the “what am I teaching today?” where you lack the planning time to create dynamite lessons. When I was teaching preschool, I often caught myself wondering, “What the heck am I teaching today? How can I make my lessons different?” More often than not, I often didn’t have a plan and flew from the seat of my pants and fell back into the “safe” lessons.

This is why I created, the Let’s Grow Literacy Outdoors Master Class, so you can re-stock your tool kit, re-envision how to teach reading, writing listening, and talking outdoors, and learn more about children’s authors of nature-based books.

This course is for you if you want to…
  • Connect nature-based children’s books to your Outdoor Classroom curriculum.
  • Explore, be inspired, and refresh your existing lessons

Get all my practical “shoestring budget” ideas at your fingertips. It will be as if we are sitting at the kitchen table together and sharing ideas for your next day’s lesson. Your fellow teachers will wonder where you are getting all your ideas from and how you have become so confident in taking the children outdoors to learn.