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Since first opening the doors to The Outdoor Teaching Bootcamp in 2020, we’ve coached and mentored hundreds of educators from all around the world. In that time, our educators have seen incredible results, creating wildly successful outdoor classrooms. Simply put, it’s a process that just WORKS.

Whether you ultimately want to transition to full-time teaching outdoors, cultivate a nature-based curriculum, start spending more time outdoors, or simply make a bigger impact in the world, our Outdoor Teaching Bootcamp can get you there.

Outdoor Teaching Bootcamp is a comprehensive program designed to help you conceptualize, create, and launch, your own one-of-a-kind outdoor classroom from start to finish, so that you understand, step-by-step, exactly how to select the right lessons, how to prime your children, how to make sure your outdoor space is viable, and, most importantly, how to actually teach outdoors, both initially and on an ongoing basis throughout all four seasons.

In this Ultimate Roadmap to Starting and Growing a Successful Outdoor Classroom you’ll learn: 

  • How to set up your outdoor classrooms’ Infrastructure using key elements.
  • Best practices for getting outdoors and staying outdoors with ease.
  • The value of the all-weather gear and teaching outdoors during all seasons.
  • How to create routines that include sustainability practices.
  • How to plan for teaching and learning outdoors all year long, choose the best lessons, and streamline with standards.

In just five weeks, develop the daily habits & simple Outdoor Classroom systems that will take you from stressed and overwhelmed to calm, happy, and in control.

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It’s a simple, proven system for quickly mastering your outdoor routines so you can transform your teaching practice outdoors.

Outdoor Teaching Bootcamp Success Stories

“My primary motivation was my desire to network and expand my knowledge and skills in the outdoor classroom. I was able to appropriate beautiful ideas and this Outdoor Teaching Boot Camp confirms that as a teacher, I was on the right path!” ~ Sylvie (Canada)

“I am more in favor of teaching outside. I was a little worried about staying warm enough for 7 hours of teaching and how to implement the academics outside. I found that it does work! Hooray!” ~Jody (Massachusetts)

“I have taken other nature-based classes. I enjoyed them all, but your Bootcamp just resonated with me. You did an EXCELLENT job. I got more from your class than I did from the others. I felt you had options for every type of program. You created an easy-to-understand step-by-step instructional class with information that relates to today’s needs. Thank you so so much”. ~ SM (Teacher)

“I thoroughly enjoyed participating in this Bootcamp! I have so many ideas now! I wanted to thank you for inspiring me! You will be amazed at how our school grounds have transformed in such a short amount of time.” ~ JL (teacher).”

“OUTSTANDING!!! Wow, this is tremendous!!! More than enough guidance to get started underway with a solid foundation! You are a gift, truly!” ~ GM (Principal/Massachusetts)

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Our Foundation course gives you a framework for focusing on the right things at the right time within your outdoor teaching practice; enabling you to layer in the key strategies and tactics that will help you grow your Outdoor Classroom.

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