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Make Learning Outdoors Plan A

Did you know Outdoor Classrooms improve children’s emotional, intellectual, and behavioral development while helping foster the development of creativity, problem-solving, independence, and confidence?

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The CIRCLE is a leading training community for educators and parents interested in cultivating outdoor classrooms and creating nature-based curricula. It’s a membership for support, collaboration, education, AND community! And it’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources for all aspects of planning, running, and growing a sustainable Outdoor Classroom. PLUS the community support you need to ensure your Teaching Gardens achieve their full potential.

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The main purpose of The CIRCLE is to support, guide, and push you as you continually grow and sustain your Outdoor Classroom by providing the tools to help you set the right goals, then actually follow through on achieving those goals with the support of our community.


Menu of Monthly Options

  • Outdoor Classrooms Tour and Talks
  • LIVE Roundtable Workshops
  • Nature-Based Library of Workshops & Master Classes
  • LIVE Q&A/Educator Lesson Exchanges
  • Private Facebook Community

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