Nurture Imagination in a Waldorf-Inspired Outdoor Classroom

LIVE Workshop on 3/21

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Learn how to cultivate children’s emotional life and imagination your own Waldorf Inspired Outdoor Classroom.

Workshop recording

LIVE workshop on 3/21
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Are you a director purchasing a CIRCLE Membership for a teacher?

Are you a director purchasing a professional development workshop for a teacher?


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I am already enjoying the Circle connections.  You have a gift for welcoming people and facilitating.  Thank you for being such a positive and effective host that supports so many people to pursue their dream of teaching outdoors with children.

Jodi (Colorado)

Introducing our NEW Workshop!

Nurture Imagination in a Waldorf-Inspired Outdoor Classroom
Workshop Description:
  • 1 Hour Workshop
  • LIVE scheduled for March 21, 2024

Do you ever wonder what Waldorf education is all about and how can you could incorporate this philosophy of education it into your outdoor classroom? Waldorf schools emphasize cultivating children’s emotional life and imagination. Waldorf educators believe that in order for children to connect more deeply with any subject matter, all subjects are presented through artistic work that includes storytelling, visual arts, drama, movement, music and crafts. In this workshop we explore how these methods nurture the imagination. We will also highlight a variety of Waldorf outdoor classrooms to discover how to incorporate these methods into your outdoor classroom.

Course Features:
  • Lifetime access
  • Participation certificate
In this 1-hour workshop, you will
  • Learn what a Waldorf Inspired Outdoor Classroom looks like.
  • Explore the elements of a Waldorf Outdoor Classroom to nurture children’s imaginations.
  • Discover what does it mean to be a Waldorf Inspired Teacher outdoors.
  • Fill your toolbox with new Waldorf inspired ideas and resources!

LIVE workshop on 3/21
Unlock this course & all 40+ more.

Unlock this LIVE Workshop and 40+ more workshops with our All-Access CIRCLE Membership!

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Wow…a treasure-trove of great ideas! I’ve learned so much
“Wow…a treasure-trove of great ideas! I’ve learned so much from this membership program and love adding more nature-based activities to my Outdoor Classroom every day! Victoria is a great instructor and I highly recommend this membership for all educators!!!”

– Julie (Massachusetts)
Kings Kids Daycare & Nature Preschool

Unlock this Workshop and 40+ more workshops and 6 more courses with our All-Access CIRCLE Membership!

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