Enroll a Teacher: CIRCLE Membership

Enroll a Teacher

The CIRCLE Membership

For Directors signing up a Teacher for the CIRCLE Membership


1. Directors enter your teachers email address in the “Email Address” field and the “Account Username” field (see attached screenshot).

2. When purchasing the membership for a teacher the email address field needs to be unique. If they (teachers) have already purchased a membership using that email address then they (the teacher) will not be able to purchase it again using the same email address.

3. Please note, all email communications, including invoices, will go to the teacher who is being registered by the director.


Step One: Go the Circle Membership page, and select a billing option (monthly or yearly) and click “Sign Up Now”

Step Two: On the bottom of the cart page click “Proceed to Checkout.”

Step Three: On the checkout page do the following (see image).

1. Enter the name, address, and phone associated with the credit card.

2. In the “Email Address” Field, enter the teacher’s email address with whom the director is buying membership for. This makes sure the teacher gets all the communication about the membership.

3. In the “Account Username”, enter the teachers email address with whom the director is buying the membership for. (this should be the same email address in both the “Email Address” and Account Username” fields).

4. Directors create a temporary password for the Teacher. This can be changed.

5. In the “Additional information – order notes” field, clearly identify the director (name and email address), and the name and email address of the teacher that will be taking joining the membership.

Step Four: Enter Directors’ credit card information and click “Sign Up Now”.

Step Five: Celebrate! Welcome to the Outdoor Classroom community!

If you have any questions, please contact

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