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The Square Foot Garden

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Workshop Description:

My own COVID-19 pandemic and the quarantine-inspired garden story is about my Square Foot raised garden expansion made from recycled wood. This project allowed me to try something new in my Backyard Teaching Garden.

Time in the garden has been the silver lining for me during this horrible pandemic. When my friend Jan offered her old raised garden beds to me, I was thrilled to have a big garden project to keep me busy outdoors. I am still amazed to see how eight pieces of old wood could be given new life!

Are you interested in making a Square Foot Garden? I highly recommend it! They are perfect for teaching and learning outdoors.

In this 1-hour workshop, you will

  • Learn how to make a Square Foot Garden.
  • Discover what soil to use.
  • Learn easy plants for kids to grow.
  • Explore a variety of Square Foot Gardening Activities.

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