Reconnect and Renew

Victoria Hackett


How do you feel as an educator? Did you know burnout is becoming a phenomenon and stress is an epidemic? What if we took care of our well-being as well as the children in our care? What would that look like? How would that feel? Are you burnt out from the hustle of the school year? Are you finding time to relax and reconnect?

Self Care looks different for everyone. This is not a “woo woo” workshop, but rather a time to come together and ask, “What can we collectively do to move mountains and how can we immerse ourselves in the gifts nature has to offer to get there? We all have a story of struggle which makes it vital to begin the conversation. If we don’t take care of ourselves as educators, parents, and administrators we will lose the sparkle that led us into the world of teaching in the first place.

Come learn The Art of Wellbeing while filling your Self Care Toolbox.

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My mission is for every child in every school to have access to an Outdoor Classroom. Therefore, I inspire educators to teach outdoors and lead an on-line virtual community of Natural Teachers all over the world to create their own Outdoor Classroom story.

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