Have you always wanted to create an Outdoor Classroom but been afraid to take the journey alone? Or, have you started to teach outdoors, but the road has been full of speed bumps and blind turns? Do you feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels on the same curriculum ideas day in and day out? Have you needed the push, the support to take that next step in your outdoor teaching practice?

What if you had a community of experienced educators from all over the world supporting you on your Outdoor Classroom journey?

What if you could have the guidance and support of a community right by your side, giving you the confidence, the assistance, and the motivation to keep pushing forward with your Outdoor Classroom goals? How would it feel to know that what you are currently working on for your outdoor teaching practice is the right thing to be working on, right now and for every season? Imagine playful learning outdoors where children’s curiosity is peaked and they are asking for more. Now imagine being able to teach outdoors while having a focused group of people to turn to for support and assistance.

We can give you the community you need in THE CIRCLE!


THE CIRCLE is a membership program that will help you grow your outdoor classroom and provide you with the motivation and encouragement to keep pushing forward, to keep growing, and to keep building a solid foundation for your outdoor teaching practice.


  • Access to our signature course OUTDOOR TEACHING BOOTCAMP where you will get started and learn the 5 Phases of Teaching Outdoors.
  • Support and knowledge from educators from all over the world.
  • Access to the 1-hour Nature-Based Workshop Library (during your membership period) 
  • A private Facebook Group with me, and other program members.
  • Monthly Outdoor Classroom Tour & Interview (pre-recorded) to see behind the scenes of other nature-based programs. 
  • Monthly Q&A/Educator Lesson Exchange (These will be recorded for those unable to attend live.)
  • Monthly Outdoor Teaching and Learning Round Table (These will be recorded for those unable to attend live.)


What makes THE CIRCLE membership unique is that you will be collaborating with both Victoria Hackett, M.Ed., and a community of like-minded educators from all over the world. Our community offers insight, connection, and a place to troubleshoot the challenges that come with teaching outdoors. 


You will come away with the confidence and knowledge that you are creating an amazing foundation for a successful Outdoor Classroom. You will no longer be celebrating your accomplishments alone, wondering if you are working on the right thing, or worrying that you are just spinning your wheels. Instead, with access to the Outdoor Teaching Bootcamp plus THE CIRCLE membership you will have access to the assessment tools for the 5 Phases of Teaching Outdoors! These are the tools needed to move toward a developed understanding of what you should be working on next to take your outdoor teaching practice to the next level. 

We have the answers!

How often will Victoria Hackett be live?

Each week there will be new material to enjoy. Two of those weeks will be LIVE sessions that Victoria will facilitate. We change the dates and times to accommodate the different time zones.

What topics will be covered in this program?

The Outdoor Teaching Bootcamp is integrated into THE CIRCLE membership. It acts as a starting point and our success path for all members. THE CIRCLE membership program is designed to support all topics covered in the Bootcamp which includes the 5 Phases for Teaching Outdoors: Infrastructure, Getting Outdoors, Teaching and Learning Outdoors, Weather, and Sustainability.

What happens to the courses and other content if we unsubscribe from THE CIRCLE?

We hope you stay around, but if life pulls you away from THE CIRCLE, the access to our content ends when your membership ends. Please note that the content will be removed as soon as you cancel your membership, so we advise that you do not cancel your membership until the end of the month if you wish to leave. However, any content purchased BEFORE your membership will remain available in your account. Please read our Terms of Service for more information.

I already paid for some or all of your 1-hour workshops. Will I get a refund or a discount on THE CIRCLE?

No, unfortunately, that is not something we can do. We are providing access to our Nature-Based 1-hour Workshop Library because we want everyone to have access to our resources for Teaching and Learning Outdoors.  The Core of the membership revolves around the content in the Outdoor Teaching Bootcamp, and that is INCLUDED IN OUR MEMBERSHIP! We like to think of The Bootcamp as our SUCCESS PATH.  All members also get discounts on all our Master Classes. 

What is great though is that if for any reason you must leave THE CIRCLE program, you will NOT lose any of the Nature-Based 1-hour workshops that you have already purchased! You will still have lifetime access to those.

What happens if I can’t attend a LIVE Q&A and/or a LIVE Teaching and Learning Outdoors Roundtable? 

No worries! Live sessions are recorded for you to view at your convenience. We completely understand that everyone has unique schedules and lives in a wide variety of time zones. By recording the Q&A and coaching sessions, you can watch them anytime!

I have a question but can’t attend the LIVE Q&A, how can I get my question answered?

We will put up a new post, at the beginning of each month on Facebook, for people to list the questions they want to be answered for the live Q&A! If you don’t want to ask your question publicly, we encourage you to email us your questions as well. We will pull questions from both the Facebook group post and email to answer during our Q&A. We will also allow time to answer questions from those attending LIVE.

Is this for beginners, intermediate, or advanced educators with Outdoor Classrooms?  

This is hard to quantify because intermediate to one person may be advanced to another. Think of THE CIRCLE more as a community of like-minded educators and the program as a goal and accountability program, and everyone needs goals and accountability. Regarding topics, we will cover the whole range of the 5 Phases of Teaching Outdoors; along with, The Four Types of Gardens. No matter what Phase your are in, you will find what you are looking for plus the support you need. 

Will this membership renew automatically?

Yes, as this is a membership subscription product. If we do continue the program, you will be reminded via email several days before your renewal date so you can cancel if you wish.

How will I receive my materials?

You will receive weekly emails called THE CIRCLE THIS WEEK which included links to the Live Sessions. All content is packaged in a Private Portal for members only. Access to the nature-based workshop library & Outdoor Teaching Bootcamp is open to all members. 

What if I have more questions?

If your question is not answered in our Terms of Service document, please feel free to reach out to Victoria directly at  We’re happy to help answer any questions you may have.