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Exclusive CIRCLE Membership Q&A Book Club Session

Featuring Angela Hanscom,

Author of Balanced and Barefoot

Are you passionate about child development and the benefits of nature-based play? Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to join us for an insightful Q&A session with Angela Hanscom, the celebrated author of Balanced and Barefoot!

Event Details

  • Date: July 9
  • Time: 7:00-8:00 pm (EST)
  • Location: LIVE on Zoom

    Why Attend?

    Angela Hanscom is a nationally recognized occupational therapist and the founder of TimberNook, an innovative nature-based developmental program. Her groundbreaking book, Balanced and Barefoot, highlights the importance of letting kids get outside for healthier, happier lives. This session will give you unique insights into her work, her inspirations, and practical tips for fostering natural development in children.


    What You’ll Get:

    • Exclusive Insights: Get firsthand knowledge from Angela Hanscom herself and deepen your understanding of the topics covered in Balanced and Barefoot.
    • Interactive Q&A: Engage directly with Angela during the interactive session. Have your questions ready and get personalized answers or send your questions to and Victoria will ask them for you.
    • Community Connection: Connect with like-minded enthusiasts who share your passion for child development and outdoor play.

      About Angela Hanscom

      Angela Hanscom is a pediatric occupational therapist and founder of the award-winning TimberNook program. Her expertise shines in Balanced and Barefoot, where she emphasizes the critical role of unrestricted outdoor play for children’s development. Her innovative approach has transformed numerous lives and communities.

      Don’t Miss Out!

      Spaces for this event are limited, so be sure to register soon! Let’s dive into the wisdom of Balanced and Barefoot and discover how we can create healthier environments for our children.

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