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An on-line virtual classroom for Natural Teachers


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I will send you an email each day with a Mud activity challenge/prompt to get you thinking of how Mud can be an amazing tool for teaching and learning. The joy that happens in a Mud Kitchen can be a life changer.

Teaching in the Dirt e-Course Series

Natural Teacher E-Course

OPEN! Teaching in the Dirt:

Becoming A Natural Teacher
  • Module 1: Strengthening Your Professional Identity as a Natural Teacher
  • Module 2: Your Own Map of Intention: Creating a Vision
  • Module 3: Nurturing Your Garden Practice: The Transformation


OPEN! Teaching in the Dirt:

 Designing Outdoor Classrooms
  • Module 1: The Importance of Outdoor Learning
  • Module 2: Design Options for Outdoor Classrooms
  • Module 3: Sustainability


NEW! More than Mud Pies:

Making a Mud Kitchen
  • Step 1: Get Inspired
  • Step 2: Choose a Location
  • Step 3: Build a Foundation
  • Step 4: Add Elements
  • Step 5: Play Activities