4-4 Let’s Play: Mud Activities Galore!x

Mud is a fabulous medium for exploration and discovery for children. The Mud Kitchen invites children to become scientists, cooks, entrepreneurs, and artists. Have you ever thought about what would happen if every outdoor classroom included a Mud Kitchen and all parents, families, teachers, and communities embraced and valued Mud as a teaching tool? Children just might navigate their world feeling the freedom to get dirty and explore without hesitation! Did you know mud can make you happier? Mud Play connects children to nature and playing in Mud has health benefits.

Welcome to More than Mud Pies: Making a Mud Kitchen Module 4-4. In this course, you have been exploring all the elements for making your own one-of-a-kind Mud Kitchen. If you have any questions, leave a comment below or email me a victoria@outdoor-classrooms.com. Please post your Mud Kitchen pictures and see what other Mud Kitchen enthusiasts are doing on our CIRCLE Membership.


  • To invite open-ended PLAY
  • To tap into a variety of Mud Kitchen Activities
  • Explore NEW Activities

Session Checklist:

  • Choose 3 Activities
  • Try each activity out with your children & Mud Kitchen.
  • Write a reflection about each experience.
  • Repeat…choose 3 NEW activities…

Mud Activities Galore!

  • Paint with mud
  • Draw in dirt
  • Face paint with mud
  • Make a mud lollipop
  • Love mud…Make mud hearts
  • Make a mud shadow sculpture
  • Make models out of the mud
  • Make mudballs
  • Make mud handprints
  • Paint a muddy face on your hand
  • Engineer with PCV pipe and mud
  • Make an on-the-go Mud Kitchen
  • Make mud bricks
  • Make a mud monster
  • Invite child-led mud play
  • Create a Mud Slide
  • Camouflage your boots
  • Explore the properties of mud
  • Make a mud cake
  • Wrap mud up in a leaf
  • Create mud math opportunities
  • Measure the cracks in the mud
  • Make numbers out of Mud
  • Make mud shapes
  • Make mud pizzas
  • Make a mud kitchen cookbook that includes all the recipes from the kids.

YOU DID IT! If you would like to earn your 15-hour participation certificate, please review the requirements. Congratulations! You have taken the first step to reconnect children with Nature through your one-of-a-kind Mud Kitchen. Bravo!

“The Mud will wash off, but the memories will last a lifetime.”


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