Outdoor Classrooms Training and Development Programs

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  Ben Franklin

Outdoor Classrooms inspires early childhood teachers, out of school time educators; along with, parents and families to create one-of-a-kind Outdoor Classrooms and/or Backyard Teaching Gardens. All on a shoe-string budget. One way we do this is through workshops and training. 

All workshops and training are led by Victoria Hackett, M.Ed.  Whether your workshop is online or onsite, Victoria blends theory with hands-on problem-solving techniques, true-to-life anecdotes, valuable tips, and lively participation. Her extensive experience as a consultant/trainer/mentor, and her background as a Natural Teacher allows her to bring a profound knowledge and a pragmatic approach to every workshop she teaches. Whatever your training and development needs may be, Victoria is ready to work with you to provide training, facilitation, and consultation in a variety of outdoor learning areas.


Option 1Open Registration Workshops for Parents  & Educators: These 1-hour online workshops are offered intermittently throughout the year via Zoom. Time, dates, and topics of the workshops vary. Participation certificates included. 

Option 2: Customized Online Training: You pick the topic, date, time, and length of the workshop. Bring your staff and your program needs, and Victoria will ensure that everyone has a dynamic workshop experience and leaves feeling rejuvenated, excited about reconnecting children with Nature. 





1 to 2 hour Workshops facilitated by
Victoria Hackett, M.Ed.


Outdoor Classrooms provides a wide variety of workshops and training for early childhood teachers, out-of-school time educators, and parent groups who are dedicated to helping children play, learn and grow outdoors. Workshops provide hands-on indoor-outdoor experiences that offer tips, resources, and new ideas to create a one-of-a-kind outdoor classroom and nature-based curriculum on a shoestring budget.

Get Outdoors: 10 Ways to Get Kids Outdoors Daily During a Global Epidemic: ONLINE

Are your kids stuck on screens and glued on to electronic devices?   The benefits of reconnecting with nature can offer both immediate and lifelong benefits. Come learn why kids need to spend time in nature and how and where to get them outdoors daily during a global epidemic. Discover how being outdoors is also essential for building up Vitamin D – an essential nutrient for our immune system that we get from being outdoors in the sun. DATE: Thursday, April 16, 2020 TIME: 10:30-11:30 AM (EST)

Transform Outdoor Spaces into Backyard Teaching Gardens

With every crisis comes an opportunity. Now is the time to look at our backyards, front yards, side yards, windowsills, and porches a little differently. Can we transform these spaces into Teaching Gardens for our children? With time on our side and support from the Outdoor Classrooms c community, we can face our fears head-on and come out the other side a little bit stronger. Let’s come together.

Explore the Natural World with Infants and Toddlers

Do you find it challenging to find age-appropriate outdoor activities for infants and toddlers? In this workshop, you’ll discover how a well-designed outdoor space can inspire infants and toddlers to become scientists, mathematicians, and artists and how nurturing children’s interest in Nature benefits them for the rest of their lives.

“Pop Up” Nature-Based Curriculum using Loose Parts

If you’re not sure what to do with the kids once you get outdoors or if you’re looking for ways to bring the outdoors inside, this workshop will show you how to instantly create a “pop up” outdoor classroom curriculum. Discover how to use sticks, stones, feathers, and shells as curriculum tools, and explore a wide range of activities in different curriculum areas. This jam-packed workshop offers hands-on-mind on ideas, resources, and playful learning.D


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Let’s Grow Math Outdoors: The Workshop

Discover the many ways you can teach Math Outdoors using numbers, patterns, relations, shapes, spatial sense, measurement, data collection and more. This course, which is jam-packed with hands-on outdoor math activities, group challenges, and resources, shows you how to use math as a tool to interpret the world around us. * This course can be adapted for either Early Childhood or School Age teachers. 

Teach in the Dirt: STEAM Outdoors

Teach STEAM Outside! Learn how to reconnect children with nature and explore how science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities can be cultivated into the outdoor classroom. This jam-packed, interactive workshop offers hands-on, minds-on ideas, resources, and playful learning, as well as Nature-Based children’s books that inspire STEAM Outdoors.

Let’s Grow Literacy Outdoors: The Workshop

No matter what your outdoor space, you can develop a literacy-rich environment that is conducive to talking, listening, reading and writing. In this workshop, you’ll explore ways to use nature as inspiration for songs, rhymes, and stories, and create an engaging and meaningful context for children’s learning outdoors.

How to Make and Cultivate an Outdoor Classroom using The Four Types of Gardens

Liberate your inner gardener and learn how to plan and create a children’s garden that facilitates a love of plants, gardens, and the outdoors. Discover the 4 Types of Gardens and the impact they have on children’s development as you experiment with different ways to maintain and sustain your garden throughout the seasons. Come prepared for playful learning, growing, and teaching with fellow educators!

Create Outdoor Learning Spaces for Diverse Learners 

Explore how the physical environment invites a variety of teaching pedagogies, learning styles and trends. You’ll learn what kind of outdoor learning spaces actually support innovative education and how to improve your indoor/outdoor environments accordingly.

Plant a Victory Garden: The Time is Now

More than 20 million Victory Gardens were planted across the United States during WWII with more than 1 million tons of produce grown. Now is the time to plant a garden. Come learn the basics for planting a garden and take your first step toward growing your own food.

Explore Nature In Winter: The Workshop

Discover how to connect children with nature no matter the weather! Embrace the cold and the unique opportunities winter provides to explore nature and incorporate natural elements into your curriculum environment.