April, May, June 2021

Reconnect children with nature, inspire wonder and fill your toolbox of resources with our Nature-Based Online Workshops. Foster playful learning outdoors as you create your own one-of-a-kind outdoor classroom and nature-based curricula. Plan ahead with our NEW CALENDAR! Our engaging 1-HOUR ONLINE WORKSHOPS offer new ideas, resources, and a community of like-minded teachers and parents. We are here for you and your professional development needs. 

TIME: 6:00-7:00 pm (EST)






Rain, Rain, Please Stay

April showers bring May flowers. Let’s talk about all the things we can still do outside in the rain, proper rain gear, and how great the rain is for us. We will share outdoor rain activities, resources, and book lists on the topic. We dig deep, frame the good weather days vs. the bad weather days and explore how our attitudes trickle right down to our kids.  Every day is a gift to go outside. Who is ready to go puddle jumping?


Sensational Seeds

Come learn and explore how to introduce seeds to children through dissection, sorting, comparing, and contrasting. Discover their location in fruits, vegetables, and in the environment. Introduce children to the mystery of seed travel and what different seeds need to grow. This is the time to plant seeds, observe their growth over time, and soak in their magic.

May 12, 2021

Compost 101: Get Started

Did you know that composting is nature’s way of recycling? Come learn all the different ways to introduce composting to children and how yard waste and food scraps are broken down and become food for plants. This workshop is jam-packed with fun activities for children, resources for teachers/parents, and inspiration for how to get started successfully with composting with your child(ren).

June 2, 2021

Herbal Adventures

Pack up your own foraging kit, and get crafty with ideas from our Herbal Adventure workshop. Learn how herbs can provide the perfect backdrop for nature-inspired activities. Discover the magical plants that are growing just beyond your door, then make all sorts of tasty and useful things for your family and friends! What are you waiting for?

June 16, 2021


There are significant differences between gardening for art and beauty and gardening for pollinators. Join us and learn about pollinators, their characteristics and needs. Discover the how to connect pollinator gardens to nature-based curriculum, gardening practices needed to create a healthy habitat for pollinators and the best plants for pollinator gardens.

June 23, 2021

It’s Not A Stick: LOOSE PARTS

Have you read the book, “It’s Not A Stick” by Antoinette Portis? Do you catch yourself saying to children, “Be careful with that stick?” What if we used our imagination asked children, “It’s not a stick, what is it?”  Come learn how sticks can be transformed into beloved loose parts (s) that will enhance your children’s outdoor experience. We will dig deep with small stick activities and dive even deeper with large stick projects. Remember… A stick can be anything you imagine!

June 30, 2021

From Garden to Table

In celebration of ALL OUR EDUCATORS, we will be hosting a special Outdoor Classrooms Virtual Dinner Party featuring some special guests and key leaders in health, education, and the environment. Let’s invite the connection from garden to table and enable children to experience, learn about our kitchen veggie gardens, and identify our homegrown produce. Learn how ingredients from our pizza garden inspires easy tasting opportunities.