Let’s Grow Literacy Outdoors

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36 students enrolled

Dear Literacy Enthusiasts,

WELCOME! Are you in love with Nature Based Children’s Books and can’t figure out how to bring them to life outdoors? Do you read outdoors, under a tree with children, but want to take these experiences to the next level? Do you want to capture children’s wonder outdoors with NEW nature-based literacy activities? If you are interested in adding Literacy to your Outdoor Classroom design plan and want to collaborate with other natural teachers about growing literacy outdoors then this course is for you.

Ready to plant seeds of inspiration and grow literacy outdoors and take your teaching to the next level?  The Let’s Grow Literacy Outdoors e-Course can catapult your teaching program into the outdoors while harnessing children’s natural wonder. I can’t wait to start planting seeds of inspiration and growing literacy outdoors with you! LET’S GET STARTED NOW!



This e-course is for anyone interested in weaving children’s literature into an Outdoor Classroom experience. This e-course is aimed at Elementary staff (Heads, Teachers, and Teaching Assistants), Early Childhood Teachers, Home Educators, After School Providers, and Parents. If you love children’s books, nature, and children, then this e-Course is for you!

GOALS: This course will:

* Enable educators to collect practical “shoestring budget” nature-based literacy ideas within4 types of gardens.

* Enable practitioners to develop high-quality outdoor learning environments, which will have a positive impact on children, parents, and staff.

* Provide practical nature-based literacy activities that are backed up with research and evidence about the benefits of outdoor play and learning.

WHY OUTDOORS? Why this e-Course?

The outdoors gives children permission to move around, talk more, and explore with an open mind while learning. Add literacy to any outdoor space and witness the spark of curiosity and learning and how it enhances child development.


This self-paced e-course will help you understand how to add writing, reading, talking and listening to the 4 types of Gardens. Through gathering books, planting ideas, growing activities, you will learn how to create Curriculum-On-The-Go Literacy Kits.  These activities will change the way you think about teaching and learning, and lead you to provide invitations for learning that are inspired by children’s books. I’ve taken the guesswork out of how to add literacy outdoors so that you can easily implement and get your literacy garden up and running in no time.

WHAT YOU GET: Each Module includes:

* An in-depth video from me, Victoria Hackett, that walks you through my easy to follow examples and instructions for adding literacy outdoors.

* Nature-Based activities, ideas, and seeds of inspiration for 4 types of gardens.

 * Access to a private Facebook group with like-minded educators where I will give you feedback and guidance. We will share best practices and extend our nature-based children’s book discussions.

* Weekly Literacy activity planning goals and check-ins

* My hand-picked selection of nature-based children’s booklists and how to use them as “seeds of inspiration” for growing literacy outdoors in the 4 types of gardens.

ONLY: $65!


The Let’s Grow Literacy Outdoors is a 4 Module e-Course that is jam-packed with ideas on how to connect children to the 4 types of gardens using nature-based literacy outdoors.

How it Works: 

The course is on a private platform. Once you sign up you access the e-course at MY ACCOUNTS on the homepage of Outdoor-Classrooms. Teachers have access to the private Facebook page will also be available once you sign up. This is a great place to introduce yourself and share with fellow Natural Teachers from across the globe.

Teachers who would like to earn the15-hour Participation Certificate will need to write comments below each page within each Module. Easy Peasy! This allows me to see your interaction with the material.


Welcome! Let’s Get Started 

Module 1 Gardens that Feed

  • Welcome
  • Gather Seeds of Inspiration
  • Plant Ideas
  • Grow Activities
  • Harvest a Curriculum Kit

Module Gardens Inspired by Themes

  • Welcome
  • Gather Seeds of Inspiration
  • Plant Ideas
  • Grow Activities
  • Harvest a Curriculum

Module 3 Gardens that Attract Wildlife

  • Welcome
  • Gather Seeds of Inspiration
  • Plant Ideas
  • Grow Activities
  • Harvest a Curriculum

Module 4 Gardens for Beauty and Art

  • Welcome
  • Gather Seeds of Inspiration
  • Plant Ideas
  • Grow Activities
  • Harvest a Curriculum Kit

ACT NOW! Grab your seat! ONLY: $65

 Get all my practical “shoestring budget” ideas at your fingertips. It will be as if we are sitting at the kitchen table together and sharing ideas for your next day’s lesson. Your fellow teachers will wonder where you are getting all your ideas from and how you have become so confident in taking the children outdoors to learn.


Hi Victoria,

I really enjoyed this workshop and hope to participate in many more. I took a million notes and pictures of everything. Thanks so much! CB



I am happy to recommend your classes. They are great. You put so much energy into them and that comes across. I took the Teaching in the Dirt STEAM and Becoming a Natural Teacher. I love this quickie Nature in Winter too. My co-teacher keeps asking where I am getting my inspiration for the winter ideas. YOU!

Thanks again, AF

  • Welcome  0/5

    • 0-1: A Welcome Note from Victoria
    • 0-2: Good Things to Know
    • 0-3: Why Literacy Outdoors?
    • 0-4: Ideas to Kick Start Your Literacy Garden
    • 0-5: Supply List for Reading, Writing, Listening, and Talking Outdoors
  • Module 1: Gardens that Feed  0/5

    • 1-1: Welcome to The Gardens that Feed
    • 1-2: Gather Seeds of Inspiration
    • 1-3: Plant Literacy Ideas
    • 1-4: Grow Literacy Activities
    • 1-5: Harvest Curriculum-on-the-Go Kits
  • Module 2: Gardens Inspired by Themes  0/5

    • 2-1: Welcome to The Gardens Inspired by Themes
    • 2-2: Gather Seeds of Inspiration
    • 2-3: Plant Literacy Ideas
    • 2-4: Grow Literacy Activities
    • 2-5: Harvest Literacy Curriculum Kits
  • Module 3: Gardens that Attract Wildlife  0/5

    • 3-1: Welcome The Gardens that Attract Wildlife
    • 3-2: Gather Seeds of Inspiration
    • 3-3: Plant Literacy Ideas
    • 3-4: Grow Literacy Activities
    • 3-5: Harvest Literacy Curriculum Kits
  • Module 4: Gardens for Beauty and Art  0/5

    • 4-1: Welcome to The Gardens for Beauty and Art
    • 4-2: Gather Seeds of Inspiration
    • 4-3: Plant Ideas
    • 4-4: Grow Activities
    • 4-5: Harvest Curriculum Kits


  1. Hi, Victoria… Looking forward to beginning this course! I have a couple of questions: I’ve registered, but don’t see how to access the Facebook page. Is there a link I should use? And does one have to be on Facebook in order to participate in the course? I know a co-worker who is interested in registering, but she does not have a Facebook account

    • Please let me know if you are all set. Did you get these questions answered? You do not have to be on Facebook to take the course.

  2. Excited for this course to begin.

    • Thrilled that you will be joining us. Doors will open on February 19! In the meantime, you can introduce yourself on the Facebook page. This is going to be a GREAT course! I am excited too!

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