Exploring Nature in Winter Master Class

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63 students enrolled

Hello Winter Explorers!

Are you at a loss as to what to do with your children outdoors during the cold winter months? Do you tend to skip outdoor time because of the nip in the air? I have to admit, I have fallen into the winter blues trap myself. This is why you must read on!

Have you ever heard the saying, “There is no such thing as bad weather, there is just inappropriate clothing”? Did you know there are crucial benefits for children playing outdoors during the winter?

Playing outdoors in Winter…

  • Allows children to escape indoor germs and bacteria
  • Offers children exercise
  • Promotes problem-solving and thinking
  • Provides essential and much needed Vitamin D

In the Exploring Nature in Winter Master Class, you will discover how to connect children with nature no matter what the weather is! You will learn that winter is full of opportunities to explore nature and incorporate natural elements into your curriculum environment. This Master Class reflects on the importance of getting children outdoors during the winter months and introduces 30+ Nature-Based Winter Activities as seeds of inspiration; along with an expansive Resource Library of Winter themed Children’s Books.

If you are an early childhood teacher, director, parent, after-school provider and/or homeschooler…this class is for you FOR ONLY $197!  Join the fun and get inspired to explore Nature during the winter months with kids.

You get:

  • 4 Modules delivered to your inbox: February 4, 11, 13, & 25 with videos, handouts, and ideas galore!
  • 2 Virtual Gatherings via Zoom Call: Feb. 6 & 27 for support, community, and a live class!
  • Private Facebook Page to post your celebrations and accomplishments!
  • 15-Hour Participation Certificate to honor your time and commitment!
  • A new community of like-minded educators from all over the world!

If you have any questions about this The Exploring Nature in Winter Master Class, please do not hesitate to email me at victoria@outdoor-classrooms.com. Let’s embrace these cold Winter months together and make it the best season to be outdoors!

See you in class,







  • Welcome  

    Exploring Nature in Winter e-Workshop


    • 0-1: Home
    • 0-2: A Note From Victoria
    • 0-3: Introduction: Curiosity Questions
    • 0-4: Set Goals
  • Module 1: Embracing Winter 

    10 Nature-Based Activities


    • 1-1: Plan & Prep
    • 1-2: Discover Your Rhythm Outdoors
    • 1-3: Make a Winter Garden Journal
    • 1-4: Create a Winter Themed Children’s Library
  • Module 2: Winter Inspired Classrooms 

    10 Nature-Based Activities


    • 2-1: The Cold Weather Outdoor Classroom
    • 2-2: Ten Nature-Based Winter Activities
    • 2-3: Behind the Scenes with Nicole Pelletier
    • 2-4: Virtual Gathering
  • Module 3: Get Outside Rain for Shine 

    Winter Themed Children's Books


    • 3-1: Water Research: A Journal Entry
    • 3-2: Ten Nature-Based Winter Acticvities
    • 3-3: Behind the scenes with Peter Dargatz
    • 3-4: Moments of Science
  • Module 4: Learning Rain or Shine   0/4

    • 4-1: Closing Circle: Guided Reflections
    • 4-2: Ten Nature-Based Winter Activities
    • 4-3: Collaboration Challenge
    • 4-4: Virtual Gathering


  1. Hi Victoria,

    I really enjoyed this workshop and hope to participate in many more. I’m embarrassed to say this was my very first online workshop so I wasn’t sure if I even did everything correct! I took a million notes and pictures of everything. It may be a challenge with our weather here in Mass, but hopefully it’ll be a bit warmer next week to get the children out. My other challenge will be, as one of the barriers, is to educate the parents about how wonderful outdoor play is for their children AND to please dress them accordingly (not to mention my co-teacher). Thanks so much! Carol Burdett

    • Hi Carol,
      I am thrilled that you enjoyed this on-line workshop and look forward to seeing you in more of them. Welcome to our community of Natural Teachers! It does look like you did everything correctly. If you would like to earn the certificate, you just need to do a few of the activities and write a comment about them. I understand the weather in Ma. I’m in Beverly, MA and we just got hit hard with the snow storm. Turn these challenges into opportunities and write a letter to parents on the benefits of Outdoor time in Winter. You can send them this article on The Benefits of Outdoor Play in Winter.

      • ….add a list of clothing that every child should have. Snow pants, gloves, hats, change of clothes, etc. Begin collecting extra clothes too for kids and teachers!

        • Hi Victoria,
          I’ve had a few weeks to do some of the activities and the weather was very cooperative to do many of them!
          The first was the letter to the parents and despite a few (we have 17 children) most brought all the snow clothes. It was so cold for awhile we had to bring the snow in and put in in the rice table. The children wore their mittens and played with the polar bears, penquins, etc. It was a good time to talk and read about hibernation. We made tunnels under the snow with dirt to show how the smaller mammals hibernate. Messy fun!
          We read “Snowballs” then the children made their own model magic snow people and decorated them with twigs, berries, shells and seeds They were able to come the the table and take as many things as they wanted. It actually turned into a 20 minute activity. The conversations were priceless! Then it was finally above 25 and we could make our own snowman and decorate it outside! After the first day of a few complaining kiddos, they had a blast in the 14 inches of snow. We shoveled a maze to run around in & shoveled out our small garden. We added rocks (I did have to buy a bag at the dollar store), they made paths, stick trees & little balls (houses) of snow.
          I had collected lots of sticks from our woods and had the children paint them. We hung them our near the entrance of the school and the parents loved them. We also used aluminum pie plates to freeze our masterpieces of pinecones, sticks, leaves & seeds.
          Oh, right after the snow we carefully looked out the window for tracts & I took pictures so we could make a chart … had to google some of the tracts and it was just as exciting for the teachers!
          I took pictures and put them up so the parents would see how much fun we were all having outside.
          We filled up water balloons when it was so cold, then we were able to watch them shrink as the days got warmer.
          I plan to start some of the shadow activities before Ground Hogs day and will use clouds and wind for March.
          I will be trying the rubber gloves and compost jar for the worms as soon as the ground lets us dig some up.
          We’ll have one week of Olympics before school vacation so I’m brainstorming some activities we can do outside for our own Olympics.
          Thank you again. The kids have had such FUN and they don’t even realize how much they are learning!
          Happy January!

          • Brilliant! It sounds as if you truly captured the essence of exploring nature in Winter! I love all the activities you have done with the kids and can just hear all the chatter while playing! I will send your certificate along shortly! Great job!

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