Outdoor Classroom Design, Nature-Based Curriculum in Winter

Victoria Hackett

Outdoor Classrooms Training and Development Programs

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  Ben Franklin

Outdoor Classrooms inspires early childhood teachers, out-of-school-time educators;, parents and families to create one-of-a-kind Outdoor Classrooms and/or Backyard Teaching Gardens. All on a shoe-string budget. One way we do this is through workshops and training.

All workshops and training are led by Victoria Hackett, M.Ed.  Whether your workshop is online or onsite, Victoria blends theory with hands-on problem-solving techniques, true-to-life anecdotes, valuable tips, and lively participation. Her extensive experience as a consultant/trainer/mentor and her background as a Natural Teacher allow her to bring profound knowledge and a pragmatic approach to every workshop she teaches.



Outdoor Classroom Design & Curriculum in Winter

1-hour workshop

Do you opt out of going outdoors to teach in Winter? Do you see your outdoor space as a dark, frozen space that lacks imagination? In this workshop, we learn how to enhance outdoor learning in cold weather. In doing this we will look at Case Studies and learn how to “connect to dots” using key outdoor design elements and outdoor teaching strategies. Come learn how to continue to teach and learn outdoors no matter what the weather. I promise you that you will never look at winter the same again.

In this 1-hour workshop, you will

  • Learn how to prepare your outdoor space for playful learning experiences outdoors in the winter.
  • Discover tips and tricks for infusing your winter curriculum with captivating activities.
  • Explore the value of being outdoors in winter.
  • Prepare your physical environment for all types of weather.
  • Fill your Nature-Based Toolbox with all weather-themed activities, games, and ideas.



  • Lifetime access
  • Participation Certificate
  • A community of like-minded educators.


Course Features

  • Lectures 2
  • Quizzes 0
  • Students 4
  • Assessments Yes

My mission is for every child in every school to have access to an Outdoor Classroom. Therefore, I inspire educators to teach outdoors and lead an on-line virtual community of Natural Teachers all over the world to create their own Outdoor Classroom story.


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