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Missing Outdoor Childhood Memories?

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Missing Outdoor Childhood Memories?  3 Tips for Reconnecting with Nature What if you never experienced nature as a child? What if you were told as a child that you needed to stay indoors because it was not safe to play outdoors? What if you were asked to share a childhood memory of playing outdoors and all you could think of was “running” and “jumping” outdoors at school? We have all been children, but what happens when we grow up, become teachers and don’t have memories of digging to China, building forts with branches, and lying in the grass and watching the clouds? Then what? How does a...

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Incorporating Nature in Play

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Incorporating Nature in Play Welcome to Outdoor Classrooms Community Program of the Month. From backyards to schoolyards, we want to find not only Outdoor Classrooms and Children’s Gardens but also Community Programs that are cultivating wonder, curiosity and playful learning. Our April Spotlight Program The Wooden Toy Shop from the United Kingdom. I would like to welcome and introduce their latest post on INCORPORATING NATURE IN PLAY. Enjoy! Share your thoughts and reflections in the comments.  Incorporating Nature in Play by Wooden Toy...

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3 Key Questions to Ask Before Starting an Outdoor Classroom

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3 Key Questions to Ask Before Starting an Outdoor Classroom Are you the teacher in your school that has added the bird feeders to the trees outside your window, created interesting outdoor learning stations, and brought children’s attention to the wonders of nature? Is this a solo experience for you? Do you wonder how to get the rest of your school on board? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place. There’s a lot to think about before starting and creating an outdoor classroom. Why Outdoors?  This question is critical, as it inspires you and your...

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Talking about Mud!

Posted by on Jan 11, 2018 in The Seedling BLOG | 3 comments

Let’s Talk about Mud & Mud Kitchens! Most frequently asked questions Welcome and hello! Today I will be answering the most frequently asked questions that I receive from teachers and parents about dirt, mud, and Mud Kitchens. Enjoy! What got you started with outdoor classrooms and your interest in Mud Kitchens? My interest in Outdoor Classrooms and Mud Kitchens started when my children were in pre-school and kindergarten. The empty lot next to the front door of their school inspired me to gather our community, plant seeds of inspiration and to spearhead an Outdoor Classroom in this...

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6 Steps for January Beginnings: Gardens that Feed

Posted by on Jan 2, 2018 in The Seedling BLOG | 4 comments

6 Steps for January Beginnings: Gardens that Feed As I write this the temperature outdoors is 9 degrees. Not really the time to be going outdoors and choosing a site for your Garden that Feeds. Are you wondering what you can do now to connect your children with Nature during these bitter cold days? You are in luck. January is the perfect time to begin your gardening year. This is the perfect time to explore seed catalogs with your children and begin the planning process for your garden. I have to be honest, in the past, I have always planted my vegetables on a whim. It always worked out. So...

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2017 Round Up: A Year in Review

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2017 Round-Up: A Year in Review This past year has been filled with learning opportunities that have brought incredible clarity for 2018. My 2017 mantra and word for the year has been to ONWARD. It is exciting what happens in a year and how our community of Natural Teachers continues to grow.  Thank you for joining me on this journey to reconnect children with nature. This time last year, I couldn’t even imagine how the year would unfold. Like in previous years, all I knew was that I needed to trust myself and dive in. Here we go with another Round-Up Year in Review for Outdoor Classrooms....

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