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Getting to Know You and Your Garden Questions:

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Getting to Know You and Your Garden Questions: 1. Please tell me a little about you and why you chose to take this course? 2. What are your most challenging issues with Nature Based Curriculum and Teaching Outdoors? 3. Where do you teach? What age to do you teach? 4. Do you have an existing garden/outdoor Classroom? If so, please describe and/or add a picture. If not, please share your visions. 5.What are your deepest intentions and wishes for this program? 6. Is there anything else you would like to share with me? Question and Concerns: Please do not hesitate to email me...

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Miniature Gardens: An Indoor Gardening Option

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 MINIATURE GARDENS An Indoor Gardening Option  I have been enjoying your stories and am so excited when I  learn how the STEAM Outdoors e-course is inspiring you.  This week Kayla shared her idea of creating an indoor Fariy Garden. “I love the idea of creating an indoor fairy garden with my students! My students are extremely creative and I imagine this would be something they would get incredibly excited about. We are lucky enough to have a library with a seed library directly across the street from us and it would make a great “field trip” with the kids to head over there and get...

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Where do ideas come from? Curiosity, Wonder & Big Ideas

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Where do ideas come from? Share your Discoveries & Big Ideas Miniature Gardens, Compost Bins & Seedswaps The Teaching in the Dirt: STEAM Outdoors e-course if filled with nature based curriculum ideas. The intention of the course is to inspire teachers to create outdoor curriculum that infuses a sense of curiosity and wonder into the minds of children. Where do ideas come from? Elizabeth Gilbert explains her theory on “How Ideas Work” in her  latest book called Big Magic.  She describes, ” Ideas are a desembodied energetic life-form. They are completely separate from...

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Transform Your Creative Ideas into ACTION

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Transform Your Creative Ideas into ACTION  ” Stop drifting and start rowing.” Roz Savage This past weekend I attended a conference and was not only reminded, but inspired that living delibertly is a choice. With so many ideas scribbled on paper, I found myself applying this concept to our STEAM Outdoors e-course. It is easy to get lost and not always know where to begin with so many creative ideas floating around. I find it is easier to make the to do lists and more difficult at times to take action. At the conference I was introduced to Roz Savage. She was the first woman to...

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Compost: Science

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TEACHING IN THE DIRT: STEAM OUTDOORS Gardens that Feed: Compost When I put this Module together, I found myself introducing elements that can be found in any type of garden. All great gardens have working compost areas! With so many options, where do we start? Step One: Begin with some research. Check out the children’s Book, “Compost Stew?” in the Outdoor Classrooms Library. Answer the following questions: Why compost? What is compost? Why should I compost? How do I begin composting? What materials can be composted? What do I do with the compost? Add these questions to...

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Welcome to Teaching the Dirt: STEAM Outdoors!

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Welcome to Teaching in the Dirt: STEAM Outdoors! Please Introduce Yourself I am thrilled that you are here and want to welcome everyone to Outdoor-Classrooms.com and our virtual classroom. This course, Teaching in the Dirt: STEAM Outdoors, is amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you. Before we dive into the content, I would like to invite you to virtually introduce yourself to the group. I am a firm believer that we can be each other’s best resource. Therefore, I would like to take the time to begin with introductions. Please post a little something about yourself and your...

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