3 Easy Ways to Plan Ahead for Outdoor Learning

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3 Easy Ways to Plan Ahead for Outdoor Learning

Do you worry about losing control when you take kids outdoors? Do you envision kids running all over the place with a lack of focus? Does your body feel uneasy and anxious when you don’t have a plan for teaching outdoors? Does outdoor teaching planning time go to the back burner because of all the other urgent things that need attention?

Lack of time to plan for outdoor learning is one of the biggest complaints I hear from teachers. I get it. I know from experience that teaching is challenging. It can be especially challenging when you want to teach outdoors but don’t have time cut into your schedule to plan.

It’s vital that we get our children outdoors reconnecting with Nature. The research behind the benefits of Nature-Based Curriculum and Outdoor Classrooms is so prevalent in child development that it’s becoming a movement. I want to make it EASY for YOU to use the outdoors as a classroom that is an integrated part of your day. Let’s do this!

3 Easy Ways to Plan for Outdoor Learning

EASY WAY #1: Create a Curriculum-on-the-Go Kit

Curriculum-on-the-Go kits are invaluable and easy to make. They are backpacks filled with either a curriculum theme or supplies for teaching outdoors anywhere, anytime. They are placed near the door to the outside ready and waiting.

EASY WAY #2: Get Inspiration from Children’s Books

Develop a Nature-Based Children’s Library. Kick start your library with my FREE 100 nature-inspired book list. Learn how to use these books as inspiration for outdoor curriculum in my Let’s Grow Literacy Outdoors Master Class.

EASY WAY #3: Check out the Seeds of Inspiration for Outdoor Learning Card Deck

You guessed it! My first product! I deck of 64 cards with beautiful outdoor classroom pictures. Each card has 2 curiosity questions to prompt curriculum and design ideas. This bundle of goodness is packaged in a stunning box! Learn more HERE!

I believe happy kids make happy teachers and parents. If you can create a vision while tapping into some additional tools and resources, I believe orchestrating a plan for outdoor learning can be fun and easy. Let’s get started and open up an entirely new world for both you and your children.

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