Hello Natural Teacher,

Welcome to the 2019 Interactive Master Class Series. Providing professional development around cultivating nature-based curriculum and Outdoor Classrooms on a shoestring budget is important to me. My passion for this work grew from spearheading the Children’s Garden at my children’s elementary school several years ago. This is where I witnessed first hand the power of an Outdoor Classroom and the need for teacher training around how to reconnect children with Nature. This experience catapulted me into the world of online learning along with a profound overhaul of my own philosophy of education. My mission is to inspire educators from around the world to cultivate nature-based curriculum and outdoor classrooms.

Is your dream for children to experience better grades, health, decreased stress levels, increased motivation, better attitudes about the environments, better behaviors, enhanced communication skills and an increase in outdoor skills? If you said “yes,” then the 2019 Interactive Master Classes are for you.

The 2019 Interactive Master Classes offer “seeds of inspiration” for you to infuse creativity into your existing curriculum, refresh your nature connection methods and assist in reconnecting children with Nature. Our goal is to enable more children access to the Outdoor Classroom experience. Join us for one class or take all the Master Classes and be inspired all year long! You get to choose. Each class includes 4 Modules, handouts, a private Facebook group, and 2 Virtual Gatherings. Start the year inspired. Book a Master Class Now for only $197! Interested in a Master Class later in the year? Register Your Interest and you will be the first to know when the registration for that particular class opens. Let’s get started.


Master Class #3: More than Mud Pies: Making a Mud Kitchen: Book Now! Only $197

This Master Class is a step by step guide to creating a one of a kind outdoor Mud Kitchen.

  • Modules Open: Monday, May 6, 13, 20, 27
  • Virtual Gathering: Wednesday, May 8 & 29

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MASTER CLASS #2: Ready, Set, Sow: Become a Natural Teacher Book Now! Only $197

This Master Class is designed to support teachers in looking more in-depth at their own teaching style and philosophy. Learn how to foster teaching and learning outdoors while consciously digging deeper to reframe the way you teach. This Master Class is driven by curiosity and offers a deeper look into cultivating your own gardening practice for teaching outdoors.

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MASTER CLASS #1: Exploring Nature in Winter: Book Now! Only $197

Discover how to connect children with nature no matter what the weather is! Winter is full of opportunities to explore nature and incorporate natural elements into your curriculum environment. This Master Class reflects on the importance of getting children outdoors during the winter months. Furthermore introduces 30+ Nature-Based Winter Activities as seeds of inspiration; along with an expansive Resource Library of Winter themed Children’s Books.

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Master Class #4: Designing Outdoor Classrooms: This Master Class is designed to support teachers and parents through the process of transforming thoughtful outdoor learning spaces for children.
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  • Modules Open: To Be Announced
  • Virtual Gathering: To Be Announced


Master Class #5: Let’s Grow Literacy Outdoors: This Master Class enables educators to collect practical “shoestring budget” ideas for creating 4 types of literacy gardens.
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  • Modules Open: Monday August 5,12,19, 26
  • Virtual Gatherings: Wednesday, August 7 & 28


Master Class #6: Let’s Grow Math Outdoors: This Master Class will give you the tools you need to teach Time, Patterns, Shapes, Symmetry, Numbers, Measurement and Data Collection outdoors.
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  • Modules Open: Monday, October 7,14, 21, 28
  • Virtual Class: Wednesday, October 9 & 30


What teachers are saying…

This course has been so refreshing to my teaching! As a first grade teacher in a public school, I have felt a lot of my creativity stripped away by mandated math and ELA programs that are designed for learning inside of the classroom. This course energized my teaching and brought so much more enjoyment to my students as we learned about topics in math that we may not have touched on until much later in the year. The topics of time, patterns, numbers, measurement and data were interwoven throughout the curriculum. My students now ask to go outside with our math and ELA topics all of the time, and I love to see their curiosity grow along with mine! I am so glad to have taken a course that brings back play and kinesthetic connections to my teaching and more importantly, to my student’s learning!

Looking forward to seeing you in one or all of the Master Classes,