Let’s Grow Math Outdoors Master Class: Register Your Interest

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Hello Math Enthusiasts,

Have you heard the phrase “Math is everywhere” over and over but still get caught up in how to teach it outdoors? Are you and your children bored with the “same old”, “same old” way of teaching Math? Are you looking to dig a little deeper?

It’s so much easier to be inspired and have a plan for introducing Math Outdoors than it is to do the same thing over and over without results and barely getting the creative juices flowing.

Guess what! You are in for a treat! The NEW Let’s Grow Math Outdoors Master Class will give you the tools you need to energize  Math program outdoors.

 If you would like to play with Math concepts and have ideas and activities flowing then this Math Outdoors Master Class will take you there without making it a big deal.

Focusing on teaching Math inside the classroom requires more work and action to produce. Let’s take Math Outdoors and learn through PLAY!

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