5 Benefits to Garden Hiding Places

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5 Benefits to Garden Hiding Places 

Do you remember creating forts when you were a kid? Do you remember what you felt like inside your newly constructed hide-away? When I was a child I remember turning my parents patio chairs over and moving all the cushions around to create the most magnificent secret house. I loved retreating somewhere small and cozy. I often wonder if this had anything to do with being the youngest of 5 children. Regardless, what if you could create a special garden retreat in your Outdoor Classroom? What would it look like?

Children love small spaces and the feeling of being held closely. Let’s take this idea outside. These spaces can come in all shapes and sizes. Take a peek that Children’s House at the Long Hill Children’s Garden in Beverly, MA. The overgrown vines provide perfect walls, roof, and natural door. Inside are small chairs with a little table with a tea set.  In this secret space, all kinds of imaginative play are inspired.

Small spaces for children’s play can also be inspired by books. Have you ever thought of creating a special secret hide away out of sunflowers? Check out the children’s book called The Sunflower House by Eve Bunting. The walls and roof are sunflowers. Got sun? This idea is worth a try.

There are several benefits to creating a secret hiding place in your Outdoor Classroom.

  1. Children’s play is more imaginative and inspired
  2. Children have time and space away from the watchful eyes of adults
  3. Children are given permission to explore their own independence
  4. Children feel a sense of security within small spaces
  5. Children grow a sense of confidence within their comfortable safe haven

Let your imagination free and create a secret hideaway for children in your Outdoor Classroom. Get curious and inquire, “Who is coming to tea?, “How many sunflowers are in your Sunflower House?” and “What makes your secret space so special?” Children will have some amazing answers.

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Thank you for all you do to reconnect children with Nature.


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