Outdoor Memories: Do all children have them?

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Outdoor Memories: Do all children have them? 

3 Tips for Reconnecting with Nature

What if you never experienced nature as a child? What if you were told as a child that you needed to stay indoors because it was not safe to play outdoors? What if you were asked to share a childhood memory of playing outdoors and all you could think of was “running” and “jumping” outdoors at school? We have all been children, but what happens when our children today grow up, become teachers and don’t have memories of digging to China, building forts with branches, and lying in the grass and watching the clouds? Then what?

How does a preschool teacher, who has never had any experience with Nature as a child, teach a lesson about bugs to children? How does this teacher get excited about teaching outdoors? How does this teacher know how to transform the outdoor play space into an Outdoor Classroom?

For starters, tapping into our own childhood memories playing outdoors is always a good place to start when Becoming a Natural Teacher. Regardless of our experiences, these memories play a significant role in the way we teach children about Nature. Memories tell a story. The beauty is, this memory bank can be changed, tweaked, and added to. Therefore, can be the beginning of your own Outdoor Classrooms storyline and the children you are teaching.

“In every walk with Nature, one receives far more than one seeks.” John Muir

It’s never too late to begin reconnecting with Nature. Become a student of Nature and listen to the whispers of the outdoors. Here are 3 Tips to get you started:

TIP 1: Get Curious about Nature

  • Take a Walk
  • Sit in a special spot and listen & observe
  • Journal about your experience

TIP 2: Be Vulnerable & Become an Explorer with the Children

  • Get down and dirty with the kids
  • Play Outdoors
  • Look at life under a log

TIP 3: Take Action with Mini-Steps

  • Choose Nature Activity (planting seeds, making a mud kitchen, building a birdhouse)
  • Enjoy the process
  • Document your findings

Want to learn more about how to create an Outdoor Classroom? Check out the Teaching in the Dirt: Designing Outdoor Classrooms e-Course. You don’t want to miss it!

“Promise me that you’ll always remember you’re braver than you believe, you are stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.” Winnie the Pooh



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