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The 2018 Spring/ Summer Outdoor Classrooms Tour

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The 2018 Spring/Summer Outdoor Classrooms Tour Thank you for your interest in joining the 2018 Spring/Summer Outdoor Classroom Tour. My mission for the next couple of months is to learn more about Outdoor Classrooms through your stories. I am on a mission to collect as many garden stories as I can and plan to do this both in-person and virtually. Do you have an outdoor space that you would like to showcase? If so, please read on for more details. WHO: I am looking for Natural Teachers from all over the world who are invested in teaching outdoors. I am looking for pre-school programs,...

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10 Ideas to Get Your Outdoor Classroom Ready for Spring

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10 Ideas to Get Your Outdoor Classroom Ready for Spring It has been a long winter here in Massachusetts. It’s been so long, that it’s already April and I’m just getting outdoors to see the damage in our gardens from all the storms we had. It can be daunting to walk about your Outdoor Classroom and write a checklist of “to do’s”. I did this today and boy oh boy my “to do” list is long. To deal with my overwhelm, I put together 10 ideas to jump-start and get ready for Spring. I am now tickled with possibilities for my Outdoor Classrooms Learning...

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Outdoor Memories: Do all children have them?

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Outdoor Memories: Do all children have them?  3 Tips for Reconnecting with Nature What if you never experienced nature as a child? What if you were told as a child that you needed to stay indoors because it was not safe to play outdoors? What if you were asked to share a childhood memory of playing outdoors and all you could think of was “running” and “jumping” outdoors at school? We have all been children, but what happens when our children today grow up, become teachers and don’t have memories of digging to China, building forts with branches, and lying in the grass and watching the...

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Incorporating Nature in Play

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Incorporating Nature in Play Welcome to Outdoor Classrooms Community Program of the Month. From backyards to schoolyards, we want to find not only Outdoor Classrooms and Children’s Gardens but also Community Programs that are cultivating wonder, curiosity and playful learning. Our April Spotlight Program The Wooden Toy Shop from the United Kingdom. I would like to welcome and introduce their latest post on INCORPORATING NATURE IN PLAY. Enjoy! Share your thoughts and reflections in the comments.  Incorporating Nature in Play by Wooden Toy...

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