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5 Tips for Choosing a Sit Spot: Become a Naturalist Yourself

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5 Tips for Choosing a Sit Spot Become a Naturalist Yourself I have started reading To Look Closely: Science and Literacy in the Natural World by Laurie Rubin. It is filled with stories about a year-long stream study that Ms. Rubin does with her second-grade class. I am loving the book so far and am finding myself writing notes on all over the pages. Chapter 1 is called Ten Tips for Getting Started in Nature Study. Although I see myself as a Natural Teacher already, I found Rubin’s stories to be incredibly inspirational. She talks about the importance of “lingering in the natural...

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My Friday Five Garden Journal

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My Friday Five Garden Journal 5 Things that made me smile this week With so many natural disasters happening now, I have been especially thankful to have family safe and near me. I have been feeling gratitude for the little things like electricity, hot water and the ability to walk out my front door and pick a tomato. My heart goes out to all those that have been affected by the recent hurricanes. May we all work together to continue to plant seeds of inspiration to make this a better world for our children. A few things that made me smile this week…. Sunday, September 17, 2017:...

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3 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Gathering Place

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3 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Gathering Place Do you have a gathering place in your classroom? Is it on a rug with a calendar? A weather chart? Do you have a pile of rug squares for children to sit on? What about your Outdoor Classroom? Do you have a space to gather children and discuss what the outdoor lesson will be for the day? Or do children enter the outdoor space and immediately set off to run, jump and play? Do they ever settle into an Outdoor Learning Station? A good place to start is creating an Outdoor Gathering Place.  This area is a vital element to the Outdoor Classroom....

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An Outdoor Classroom Welcome Sign

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An Outdoor Classroom Welcome Sign There is nothing more inviting than a Welcome sign! A Welcome sign is an invitation. A Welcome sign gathers community. Welcome signs come in all shapes and sizes, as do communities. Strong communities begin with a welcome sign and are held together with a common interest. A Welcome sign invites visitors to the outdoor space and leads them into a new space for learning and teaching. Welcome signs are like the front doors of a house and often give visitors their first impression of your Outdoor Classroom. Questions to Consider: What do you want your visitors...

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