Graduating to a Bigger Indoor Compost Bin

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Graduating to a Bigger Indoor Compost Bin

My Indoor Compost Update

I attended a Compost workshop at the Massachusetts Horticulture School Gardens Conference in February. It was exciting to come home with my own mini compost bin with worms in it. I’ve also been happily feeding my worms, turning the contents, and keeping the little bin in a dark place. I have enjoyed learning more about compost on this smaller scale. This weekend it looked like it was time to “graduate” to a bigger bin. So here goes…


I chose a plastic bin that was not too much bigger than the one I had. I drilled holes in all the sides and top so the worms can breathe.


I added some dirt to the bottom of the new bin. This dirt needs to be moist.


I found some great leaves from outdoors. They also have to be moistened.


I then added the dirt compost with worms, mixed with some egg shells and lots of tea bags! To keep the compost bin moist I put wet scrunched up newspaper on the top.


I keep adding fruits, vegetables, eggs shells from my kitchen scraps. Each time I check the bin, I am constantly amazedI find the kitchen scraps gone! Happy worms are making Black Magic!


It is really important to keep the compost bin moist. Worms love a dark and moist home. I am keeping my Indoor Compost Bin under a table in our Art Studio.


Now I want to hear from you. Do you have an indoor compost bin? How is working? Share your story and reflections in the comments below.





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