The Natural Teacher’s Year

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The Natural Teacher’s Year

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” Helen Keller

It is time unravel the year ahead and make some plans for yourself as a Natural Teacher and teaching Outdoors. Just imagine teaching in your newly improved Outdoor Classroom! Ahhhh!!!! I love planning! As your guide, I will be taking you through my process. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The most important thing is to dream big and surround yourself with as many people as you can that believe in your vision for an Outdoor Classroom.

In this e-course, Becoming A Natural Teacher: A Road Map, my hope is that our work together will ultimately transform the way you look at how we educate our children. Creating a Road Map will enable you cultivate your own growing classroom. It is easy to get caught up in the weeds, but with a little bit of planning, you will be amazed at the possibilities for growth.

Let’s begin! Spend some time brainstorming. Fast forward to December 2017. Sounds crazy, but you will be amazed at how fast a school year goes by! Play with Garden Themes. Where do you want to be as a Natural Teacher? What do you want to learn? What do you want to teach?

Jot down a theme for each season. Only play with 3 seasons at a time. Don’t get to ahead of yourself here. Find an Accountability Partner (This person can be a person in this course, a neighbor, garden friend, fellow teacher and/or parent.) and talk about Digging In and your Big Action Goal for the month.

Remember: All our themes for the next 3 months may be different from each others. Yet, they all may be the same. The beauty is that we have teachers from all over the country representing a variety of different climates. That is the fun! Share your January Theme and your Digging In: Big Action Goal below this post. If you have any before pictures….share those too!

I am so excited about this! Here is my January example:


  • E-Course: Becoming A Natural Teacher: A Road Map
  • Theme: Planting Seeds
  • Digging In: My Big Action Goal for January is to set up a Seed Sanctuary

The First Stages of my New Seed Sanctuary!

  • 20160126_153130_resized 20160126_153054_resized 20160126_153046_resized


  1. My theme for January was Reading and Planning, since I want to start seeds in zip-locs in our window, in March when there is more light. I found Square Foot Gardening with Kids, which I plan to work from, as it is a great match with my age group and available resources.

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