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Garden of the Month: January 2016

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Garden of the Month: January 2016 Welcome to Outdoor Classrooms Garden of the Month. From backyards to schoolyards, we want to find the Outdoor Classrooms, Children’s Gardens & Community Programs that are cultivating wonder, curiosity and playful learning. Our January Spotlight Garden is The National Garden Program and the Global Garden Exchange called SLOW FOOD. I would like to welcome and introduce, National Garden Program Manager, Lauren Howe. She is here today to share the Slow Food story.  SLOW FOOD Growing Community in School Gardens Locally and Globally Slow Food is a global,...

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Tis the Season! Home Made Treasures

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Tis the Season! Home Made Treasures over the Years As I unpack our holiday ornaments I have pulled out the home-made treasures that my children made when they were in preschool. My kids are now age 12 and 13…so these ornaments have held the test of time. I love how each one tell it’s own story. Enjoy!     Do you have any favorite home-made  holiday ornaments that have held up over the years? Make a comment or post a picture below. Happy Holidays!    ...

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Festive Winter Miniature Gardens

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 Festive Winter Miniature Gardens I am inspired by nature. The spirit of the holiday season has shown up in my miniature garden. With a mini twig wreaths, a glue gun, gold stars, ribbon, and holly and berries from my yard, I was ready get creative and change up the scene in my window garden. I began with decorating a few miniature wreaths. We celebrate both Hanukah and Christmas in our home. Our Menorah that sits in front of my miniature window garden inspired this simple project. Before I knew it, I was transforming the Fall themed garden into a festive Winter scene. I added berries to the...

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What does Environmental Education look like in Preschool?

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What does Environmental Education look like in Preschool?   It is exciting to witness educators picking up on the Call to Action to reconnect our children to Nature. This conversation has re-introduced a dialogue about Nature Based Education, Green Curriculum, Natural Teachers, Outdoor Classrooms and School Teaching Gardens.  What do all these words mean? This past week, I was invited to facilitate a workshop on Environmental Education for Preschoolers. My first thought was, “Wow…Environmental Education are such a big words for such little people.” I began to play with...

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Program Spotlight: Shamrock Gardens

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 Program Spotlight:  SHAMROCK’S GARDENS: Shamrock Gardens Elementary, Charlotte, N.C. by Bobbie Mabe A blackwinged Eastern Swallowtail flutters toward a frothy fennel plant that spills over the edge of a raised bed in Shamrock’s butterfly courtyard. She perches, curls her tail, and deposits a bright yellow egg. A striped red caterpillar sporting an assortment of black spikes makes its way through a tangle of passion vines. A goldfinch alights on a pink zinnia, snags a seed, then disappears. Nearby, in a third grade classroom, students make sushi ingredients, using vegetables harvested...

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