Welcome to Teaching the Dirt: STEAM Outdoors!

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Welcome to Teaching in the Dirt:

STEAM Outdoors!

Please Introduce Yourself

I am thrilled that you are here and want to welcome everyone to Outdoor-Classrooms.com and our virtual classroom. This course, Teaching in the Dirt: STEAM Outdoors, is amazing and I can’t wait to share it with you. Before we dive into the content, I would like to invite you to virtually introduce yourself to the group. I am a firm believer that we can be each other’s best resource. Therefore, I would like to take the time to begin with introductions. Please post a little something about yourself and your hopes for this class below. Please note, if you would like to earn a certificate of participation, you will need to make comments on all the posts and answer all the questions in the Garden Notes. 

Welcome aboard!



  1. Hello! I’m Cecilia, a preschool teacher in Newton, MA. I’ve been in the same school for the past three years and I feel that the whole staff struggles with outside activities. We have a great play yard and I know we could do more than what we do currently. A couple of months ago Victoria came to our school for a 2 hour long workshop and it got me curious to learn more.

  2. I teach preschool on the north shore in Mass. I just finished a year of teaching in my outdoor classroom. It was designed to support learning all areas of our frameworks curriculum but I feel we could offer more. I hope to add a space for art and to bring out more math activities. I hope to add more intentionaal gardening as well. I am looking forward to hearing new ideas.


    • Hello Anne! Can’t wait to dig a little deeper and watch your Outdoor Classroom evolve and grow! Welcome!

  3. Hello, My name is Heather Jolly and I live and work in Pasadena, California! I have been a classroom teacher in early childhood ages for 16 years, and currently teach Kinder. I am looking to spread my wings, grow in a specific discipline and am passionate about STEAM and the outdoor classroom environment. I teach at a K-12 school and we just started a school garden last year, and the kids LOVED it. I see lots of potential for the garden and program for our K-2 students, and I’m hoping to learn from this course about ways to integrate the garden into our curriculum and provide STEAM rich play-based, discovery-based options for our current K-1 playground environment. Super excited to be in this group!

  4. Hello! My name is James and I’m an Early Years teacher in the UK. Currently I work with children aged 2 years to 4 years. We do grow our own vegetables etc, but I’m looking for a way to integrate the garden as a central part of all we do and hope to gain a great deal from this course.

    I’m very much looking forward to getting started!

    • Welcome James! I look forward to learning more about your outdoor learning space and watching it grow and evolve. Feel free to ask any questions as we go.

  5. Hi. I’m a toddler toddler and we have a fantastic playground outside and I’d like to use it to garden with the kids. Right now we have a few raised beds but I’d love to add much more to it. Our kids love gardening and seeing what we grew so I hope to expand on that.

  6. I am Asst. Director of a children’s center in MA. I brought back inspiration and passion for natural playscapes to my school after attending a NAEYC conference years ago, and we have been evolving ever since! Always looking for new ideas and inspirations! I am simply happiest outdoors 🙂

  7. Hi everyone. I am an after school (kindergarten-2nd) teacher with a small garden area at the school. I would love to work with my kids to expand the garden area and teach them about the different plants and maintenance of them.

  8. Hello! I am a preschool teacher at Groton Community School in Groton, Ma. I work with ages 2-4.5 and started in the last several years using a curriculum that is mostly nature-based. I feel strongly about children being connected with nature and learning about our world hands-on. My ultimate goal is to inspire children to love our natural world. We are in the process of building a greenhouse at our school- a dream that I have had for several years. I want to expand my knowledge and inspire other teachers to be comfortable using the greenhouse.

  9. I live in St. Louis MO. and recently have started a new job at an early childhood center that is implementing an outdoor learning area. The grounds already have a garden , a grotto, and we planted a native wildflower garden this weekend.I teach children from 2.5-5 years old and am avidly interested in creating a learning environment and lessons that can include them all

    • Hi I live in the Pacific Northwest, and have an in-home daycare. We have always had a small garden,and now I am looking forward to expanding our learning environment. With toddlers,preschoolers, and a long wishlist, this class is a great opportunity!

      • Welcome!! Thrilled to have you here. I can’t wait to learn more about your garden and growing wish list!

    • Welcome! Thrilled to know you just planted a Native Wildflower Garden! I would love to see pictures and interview you to learn more about your process and experience!

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