Bean Mosaic Art

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Bean Mosaic Art

I love this activity. The first time I tried this out was at our little Camp Friends Backyard Camp! The kids were little and this activity was brilliantly creative and simple! I still have this owl bean mosaic in my office. Try this activity and share your Bean Mosaic Art creations with us on the blog!


  • Pencil
  • Card-board squares (can recycle any card board and cut into desired shape)
  • Craft glue
  • Small paint brush or Q-Tips
  • Dried Bean (assorted shapes and colors)
  • Ruler


How to:

Step One: Start by drawing a pattern in pencil on your card-board. You can divide the card-board into sections and create geometric designs or simply create a picture.

Step Two: “Paint” a thin layer of glue in one section at a time

Step Three: Add dried beans ( the more variety in color and shape, the better)

Step Four: “Paint” another thin layer of glue

Step Five: Continue to add dried beans until the entire board is covered.



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