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4 Steps To Choosing a Nature Based Children’s Book

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4 Steps To Choosing a  Nature Based Children’s Book As a teacher, do you ever feel a bit burnt out with finding fresh new ideas for your classroom? Do you ever wonder how other teachers always have amazing curriculum ideas up their sleeve? The answer just might be in the Children’s room at your local library. What if I asked you to find a handful of nature-based children’s books and choose one as inspiration for the creation of a STEAM Curriculum Kit? Do you think you could do it? Could you choose the perfect Children’s Book for a Kit ultimately that includes...

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Bean Mosaic Art

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Bean Mosaic Art I love this activity. The first time I tried this out was at our little Camp Friends Backyard Camp! The kids were little and this activity was brilliantly creative and simple! I still have this owl bean mosaic in my office. Try this activity and share your Bean Mosaic Art creations with us on the blog! Materials: Pencil Card-board squares (can recycle any card board and cut into desired shape) Craft glue Small paint brush or Q-Tips Dried Bean (assorted shapes and colors) Ruler How to: Step One: Start by drawing a pattern in pencil on your card-board. You can divide the...

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5 Simple Steps for a FALL Garden Clean-Up Celebration

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5 Simple Steps for a FALL Garden Clean-Up Celebration Fall is the ideal time to garden. Cleaning out garden beds, cutting dead flowers and raking leaves prepare our Outdoor Classrooms for winter. Want to get a jump start on your Spring garden and do some community building at the same time?  Consider hosting an Outdoor Classroom Fall Clean Up Celebration. Here are 5 Easy Steps to get you started. STEP ONE: Brainstorm Garden Jobs and Create 5  Work Stations Gather a Focus Group that will manage and organize your event. It’s very important to be very clear about what your needs are as...

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5 Steps for a Garden in a Glove

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5 Steps for a Garden in a Glove A lesson on observation, germination, root systems and so much more! Do you struggle with lack of space to grow seeds in your program? Do you often wish you had endless counter space, a grow light or a green-house? Look no further? The Garden in a Glove is the perfect solution. It is simple and brings great results and rewards. Here are 5 simple steps to get you started. Materials Needed: Rubber Bands, Cotton Balls, 5 types of Seeds, Vinyl Gloves ( make sure they are latex free), thin Sharpie and a Smile! STEP ONE: Line up 5 cotton balls and rip them in half...

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Garden of the Month: September 2015

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Garden of the Month: September 2015 The Teaching Gardens of Saint Michael’s College Last Spring I was introduced to Valerie Bang-Jensen & Mark Lubkowitz, cofounders  Teaching Gardens of Saint Michael’s College, when my Mom and Valerie’s sister in law started talking about the Miss. Rumphius t-shirt my Mom was wearing during one of her art classes. They were both delighted to learn about the Outdoor Classrooms connection.  Before I knew it I had Valerie and Mark’s contact information and found myself introducing myself virtually. I quickly learned Miss. Rumphius...

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