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Teach Outside with 3 Easy Steps

Posted by on Apr 13, 2015 in The Seedling BLOG | 0 comments

3 Easy Steps to Teach Outside Designing Pop-Up Outdoor Classrooms On-Go Outdoor Classroom design challenges can become a roadblock when contemplating the creation of your own nature based learning environment. Last week, I facilitated my STEAM Outdoors workshop for both after school providers and preschool teachers. In both workshops, I inquired about some of the greatest challenges when taking children outside. Teachers talked about the issues of weather, keeping kids together and lack of outdoor space. They also shared fears of kids running off, getting distracted and hurt. The big...

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Five Easy Steps to Garden Signs

Posted by on Apr 4, 2015 in The Seedling BLOG | 1 comment

Five Easy Steps to Garden Signs Garden signs can transform any garden into an Outdoor Classroom. One can make a garden sign out of just about anything. This year I have been playing around with a few different materials and my favorite material at the moment are Ceder wooden shingles. Signs created by children can capture the essence of any Outdoor Classroom and can quickly transform any neglected outdoor space. I highly recommend involving children in the garden this process. Here are a 5 simple steps to get you started.  Step One: Purchase and gather materials. Decide what you want to use...

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Leaping into Spring & Taking Flight

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Leaping into Spring & Taking Flight An Intergenerational Garden In February, I coordinated a Mystery Friends Intergenerational Pen Pal Project and wrote about it here: It is Mystery Friends Time Again… Creative letter writing is the essence of the Mystery Friends Project.  This year, I was inspired to explore the lost art of letter writing during the month of February and wrote about it here: Month of Letters and Seeds challenge reflections  I incorporated the garden theme into this years Mystery Friends Project and invited senders to add the garden theme to their postcards and...

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