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An Icebreaker: Thorn, Rose and Bud

Posted by on Dec 31, 2014 in The Seedling BLOG | 1 comment

An Icebreaker: Thorn, Rose and Bud   I love icebreakers and use them all the time in my workshops and classes because they ease tension and relieve formality. They can be used in the beginning of a workshop or at the end as a reflective exercise. How wonderful to return from visitng family with a new reflective icebreaker game to share. With three generations sharing a meal, my brother introduced this simple game called, “Thorn, Rose and Bud.”  We have since incorporated this activity into our own dinner conversations, as it inspires all of us to reflect more deeply on our...

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Outdoor Classrooms Library Book Tour

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Outdoor Classrooms Library Book Tour Book 3: Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms What if every child, in every school had access to an outdoor classroom? What if every school community knew how to create an outdoor classroom? As we continue on our Outdoor Classrooms Library Book Tour, I am delighted to be sharing yet another amazing resource.  Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms by Eric Nelson is perfect for natural teachers seeking to design and implement outdoor learning environments.  This book is a fabulous guide to help you plan, design, and create and outdoor learning program. What if every...

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Designing Outdoor Classroom: BEFORE Stories

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Designing Outdoor Classrooms: BEFORE Stories Creating Outdoor Classrooms is a thrill for me. I believe every garden has it’s own story and it is up to us to make sure they are all documented and heard. Your garden story can change someone else’s. Change is in the air! Take a moment and take a picture, create a video or draw a picture of your Outdoor Classroom. Your space can be am empty lot or an established garden. It does not matter. Simply capture your garden story and begin to document the growth. Garden Story #1: Carol Landry from The Children Place at Phillips Academy   In...

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Outdoor Classroom Book Tour

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Outdoor Classroom Book Tour Book 2: Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea   Our Outdoor Classrooms Library is growing.  I am thrilled to be sharing another wonderful book on our Outdoor Classrooms Book Tour. These incredible resources are a sneak peak into what the Teaching In the Dirt: Designing Outdoor Classrooms E-Course  is offering.  I have chosen Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea by Alice Waters as our second book on this awesome book tour. Every Child’s Garden and Outdoor Classroom hold stories about how they began. The Edible Schoolyard...

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