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BECOMING A TEACHER: Transforming the definition of the classroom

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BECOMING A TEACHER: Transforming the definition of the classroom September 19, 2014 It feels good to be back in the classroom and teaching adult learners once again. I love the Fall because it holds wonderful memories of the first day of school. “Picturing Myself as a Teacher” is one of my favorite assignments in my Foundations of Early Childhood course. In this class students explore teaching options, philosophies in education, but most importantly, they are reflecting and shaping thier own teaching manefestos and vision of teaching. The first assignment in this class is to...

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Nature Play and Learning Activities in your inbox!

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Nature Play and Learning Activities for September The Seedling September 15, 2014 Last week I asked fellow Natural Teachers what activities they were planning to do in thier Outdoor Classrooms this Fall season. An interesting exercise to learn and compare. I recieved some great reports and wanted to share a few. From Meg Grant at the Cove School Children’s Garden in Beverly, MA. “Happy to report a very large turnout on our first garden club of this school year! We just let the kids run around and my girls offered tours to the new families. In the next few weeks we have scavenger...

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Program Spotlight: Habitat Intergenerational Program (HIP)

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Program Spotlight Welcome to Outdoor Classrooms Garden of the Month. From backyards to schoolyards, we want to find the Outdoor Classrooms & Children’s Gardens that are cultivating wonder, curiosity and playful learning. This month of September, our Spotlight Garden Program is the MA Audubon Habitat Intergenerational Program called HIP. I would like to welcome and introduce Phyl Solomon, HIP Founder, and Intergenerational Specialist.  She is here today highlighting HIP and it’s many intergenerational garden projects that have evolved over the years.  HIP: Habitat Intergenerational...

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What do you want to teach in the world?

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What do you want to teach in the world? September 5, 2014 First day of school is always filled with jitters, excitement and hope. There is something magical about this time of new beginnings for both learning and teaching. Yesterday I proudly watched my own children (new 5th and 7th graders) cross the threshold into a new academic year. Today was my first day back teaching both Child Growth and Development and Foundations of Early Childhood at North Shore Community College. Teaching teachers is a passion and witnessing the same mixture of feelings among both my adult student learners and...

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