On-Site Trainings & Outdoor Courses

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”  Ben Franklin

Outdoor Classrooms provides a wide variety of services to professionals and parents who onsite outdoor coursesare dedicated to helping our children play, learn and grow outdoors.  We specialize in providing nature-based resources and trainings for those who work with Infants and Toddlers, Preschoolers and School-Age children.

Victoria’s extensive experience as a consultant/trainer/mentor, and her background as a Natural Teacher brings a sound knowledge and pragmatic approach to her workshops. Victoria’s courses blend theoretical information with hands-on problem-solving techniques. Victoria’s presentations are engaging, thoughtful and upbeat. Her courses are punctuated with true-to-life anecdotes, valuable tips, and lively participation.

Victoria integrates the basic concepts of adult learning with up-to-date information on various topics. Whatever your training and development needs may be, Victoria is ready to work with you to provide training, facilitation, and consultation in a variety of outdoor learning areas.

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Outdoor Classrooms Learning Lab

The Outdoor Classrooms Learning Lab, in Beverly, MA, is the perfect setting for a full day retreat, half day training or two-hour workshop. This outdoor space is recognized by the National Wildlife Federation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat.

What teachers are saying:</5>

I was thrilled to take part in a workshop in your outdoor classroom learning lab. Each corner had an interest area that sparked my curiosity, engaged my love of nature, or called to me to manipulate the natural materials. I am inspired to recreate a miniature garden for classroom fairies. Your use of nature to make tree faces was so fun. My classroom of pre-schoolers will be as excited as I was to create their own 3 D portraits. Thank you for sharing this outdoor classroom treasure.”


On-Site Indoor-Outdoor TRAININGS

Exploring Nature In Winter

Discover how to connect children with nature no matter what the weather is! Winter is full of opportunities to explore nature and incorporate natural elements into your curriculum environment.

Creating Outdoor Learning Spaces for Diverse Learners 

This hands-on outdoor workshop explores a variety of outdoor learning stations creating outdoor learning spacesand activities at the Outdoor Classrooms Learning Lab in Beverly, MA. Teachers explore how the physical environment invites various methods of teaching, pedagogies, learning styles and learning trends. Natural teachers learn what kind of outdoor learning spaces are actually supporting innovative education and how to improve their indoor/outdoor environments.

Teaching in the Dirt: STEAM Outdoors

Teach STEAM Outside! Learn how to reconnect children with nature with this interactive presentation. Explore how science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities can be cultivated into the outdoor classroom. Discover how Nature-Based children’s books inspire STEAM Outdoors. This jam-packed workshop offers hands-on-mind on ideas, resources, and playful learning.

Teaching Literacy Outdoorsteaching outdoor classes

Learn how to develop literacy-rich environments no matter what your outdoor space. Discover outdoor activities that motivate talking, listening, reading and writing using a variety of props. Explore ways to use nature as inspiration for songs, rhymes, and stories. Expand necessary literacy components outdoors. Give engaging and meaningful context for children’s learning and learn how to use nature-based books as a springboard for your outdoor curriculum planning.

Teaching in the Dirt: Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms

Unleash your inner gardener and learn how to plan and create a children’s garden that facilitates a love of plants, gardens, and the outdoors. Learn the impact on children’s development of well-designed outdoor spaces. Explore tips for maintaining and sustaining your garden throughout the seasons. Come prepared for playful learning, growing, and teaching with fellow educators!

Exploring the Natural World with Infants and Toddlers

Do you find it challenging to find age-appropriate outdoor activities for infants and toddlers? Discover how a well-designed outdoor space can inspire infants and toddlers to become scientists, mathematicians, and artists. Learn practical ideas for exploring the Natural World with Infants and Toddlers. Understand how nurturing children’s interest in Nature will benefit them in many ways for the rest of their lives.

Nature Based Curriculum using Loose Parts

Not sure what to do with the kids once you get outdoors? Want to bring the outdoors inside? Explore the magic of nature’s loose parts and disconature-based curriculumver how you can instantly create “pop up” outdoor classroom curriculum. This workshop will demonstrate how to take learning outdoors and explores how to use sticks, stones, feathers and shells as curriculum tools. Learn a range of activities in different curriculum areas. This jam-packed workshop offers hands-on-mind on ideas, resources, and playful learning.

Little Free Libraries & Outdoor Classrooms

What is a Little Free Library? Discover the wonders of this free “take a book-leave a book” exchange. What if you added a Little Free Library to your Outdoor Classroom? Explore how to build a literacy-friendly Outdoor Classroom community and listen to stories of how to become a Steward. Our Little Free Library has been one of our best installations ever! Join the movement and celebrate Nature Based Literacy Outdoors.



Outdoor Courses are designed to provide natural teachers with a hands-on outdoor workshop experience. These courses can be an ideal companOn-site outdoor classroomsion to our virtual classroom experience. Check out the Teaching in the Dirt: STEAM Outdoors e-course for a hybrid learning experience. 

 NOTE: Part of these courses are designed to take place outdoors.  Teachers should be prepared with appropriate clothing and footwear. 

Teaching Math Outdoors

This course explores Math Outdoors in-depth. Teachers explore how to teach Math Outdoors using numbers, patterns and relations, shapes and spatial sense, teaching math outdoorsmeasurement and data collection. This course is jam-packed with hands-on outdoor math activities, group challenges, and resources. This course is aimed to inspire and learn how to use math as a tool to interpret the world around us. Teachers will learn tips and tricks for taking groups of children outdoors for learning.

* This course can be adapted for either Early Childhood or School Age teachers. 

Teaching Literacy Outdoors

This course explores Literacy Outdoors in-depth. Teachers explore reading, outdoor coursesspelling, writing and communications and how being outdoors can help develop these core skills. This course discusses how to create a meaningful context for children’s learning and how to use nature-based books as a springboard for outdoor curriculum planning. Teachers will learn how to develop literacy-rich environments on school grounds and how to use landscapes and nature as inspiration for songs rhymes and stories.

* This course can be adapted for either Early Childhood or School Age teachers. 


Read What Teachers, Students and Other Workshop Participants are Saying About Outdoor-Classrooms’ Sessions…


I absolutely loved your workshop today at the Day School. My co-teacher and I will implement so many of your ideas right away. The 2 hours flew and were so upbeat and helpful. I have been teaching over 30 years and most of your ideas were new to me. Thank you!”  — Anne

“Tuesday’s workshop was amazing. We all loved it and you shared so many great ideas! We have already ordered items to create our kits and backpacks. Thank you so much . We are all energized! You are very good at what you do!” — Edie, Cabot After-School Program

Thanks so much for a great workshop!!! So helpful and encouraging in helping our children learn to love nature as much as we do!! The Yellow Room teachers actually went out and did the rest of their planning time in the playground! I will let parents know about your website and our very beneficial workshop today. Thanks again!” — Grace, Christ Church Parish Day School

I just visited a preschool program in Georgetown and one of the teachers was excited to show me the “outdoor” classroom she set up as a result of participating in the workshop you provided at NECC last spring!” — Gail/Northern Essex Community College

The enthusiasm that the material was presented with really helped me get engaged and interested. Thanks so much.” — NSCC Student

She did an amazing job. I would love to take more classes with her in the future.” — NSCC Student

“What a great presenter!!” — Pathways for Children administrator

Even though this class was a requirement, I would have taken it just for fun because Victoria is such a good teacher. I loved her class and her sensitive positive energy and motivation.” — NSCC Student

“So energized and helpful!” — NSCC Student

Victoria is awesome. She is easy to talk to and is extremely understanding. She helps when you need help, is always there to listen and gives great advice. I can tell she really care about us a lot. It makes me want to learn more.” — NSCC Student

Victoria is an amazing and dedicated teacher. SO happy I took her class!!!” — NSCC Student