Teaching in the Dirt: Becoming A Natural Teacher 

This e-Course is a guide that fosters teaching and learning outdoors while consciously digging deeper to reframe the way we teach. Learn how this e-course maps out three stages of Becoming a Natural Teacher and cultivates new ways of thinking, learning, and teaching OUTDOORS!

  • For teachers, directors, parents & homeschoolers & after school provider
  • Earn a 15-hour participation certificate
  • This course is now available

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Teaching in the Dirt: Designing Outdoor Classrooms 

This self-paced e-course is designed to support teachers and parents through the process of transforming thoughtful outdoor learning spaces for children. In this course, we will explore the importance of outdoor learning, design elements and sustainability of your outdoor classroom. We will also discuss intentional teaching and playful learning, along with hands-on-minds-on learning. 

  • For teachers, directors, parents & homeschoolers & after school providers
  • Earn a 15-hour Participation Certificate
  • This course is now available

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More than Mud Pies: Making A Mud Kitchen

This e-Course is a step by step guide to creating a one of a kind outdoor Mud Kitchen. There is a reason children love Mud Pies. Mud is a fabulous medium for exploration and discovery for children. Mud Kitchens offer children simple open-ended play outdoors and invite children to become scientists, cooks, entrepreneurs, and artists. Come learn how to create a Mud Kitchen and how Mud Kitchens can be vital teaching tools in your Outdoor Classroom. 

  • For early childhood teachers, directors, parents, and homeschoolers
  • Earn a 15-hour participation certificate
  • This course is now available

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Exploring Nature in Winter 

Discover how to connect children with nature no matter what the weather is! Winter is full of opportunities to explore nature and incorporate natural elements into your curriculum environment. This e-workshop reflects on the importance of getting children outdoors during the winter months. This e-workshop introduces 30+ Nature-Based Winter Activities as seeds of inspiration; along with an expansive Resource Library of Winter themed Children’s Books.  

  • For early childhood teachers, parents, after-school providers & homeschoolers
  • Earn a 2-hour Participation Certificate
  • This e-Workshop is now available

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What teachers are saying…. 

“I am happy to recommend your classes. They are great. You put so much energy into them and that comes across. I took the Teaching in the Dirt: Becoming A Natural Teacher & Teaching in the Dirt: STEAM Outdoors. I love this quickie Exploring Nature in Winter too. My co-teacher keeps asking where I am getting my inspiration for the winter ideas. YOU!” Anne

Hi Victoria,
Spring is upon us, but I have learned so much from your winter activities and I am actually looking forward to next winter when I can use them with the children! Some of them are great spring activities, and when we come back from spring break we are going to work on the mandalas. I will post pictures of them when we finish, I am excited to try them and I am hoping there will be more sprouting flowers by that point to incorporate in them.
Thank you so much!