Becoming A Natural Teacher

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Hello tenacious educators, parents, and leaders,

My Becoming a Natural Teacher story began with my parent hat on. While my children and I passed an empty courtyard next to the front door of their elementary school every morning and afternoon, I got thinking. What if?  Little did I know, that this question would be the beginning of my own Becoming a Natural Teacher story.

Teaching in the Dirt: Becoming A Natural Teacher is a guide that fosters teaching and learning outdoors while consciously digging deeper to reframe the way we teach. This e-course maps out three stages of Becoming a Natural Teacher and cultivates new ways of thinking, learning, and teaching OUTDOORS!

Did you know teaching outdoors:

  • Creates community
  • Raises expectations and standards
  • Increases connection
  • Builds positive memories around school
  • Builds culture

Teaching in the Dirt: Becoming a Natural Teacher is a self-paced e-course designed to support teachers in looking more in-depth at their own teaching style and philosophy. This e-course is driven by curiosity and offers a deeper look into cultivating your own gardening practice for teaching outdoors. Our journey begins with inspiration from key educational leaders. This foundation sets the stage for transforming your own professional identity as a Natural Teacher. Students create Maps of Intention for Outdoor Classrooms and are guided with “Take Action” Worksheets. Learn how to nurture your own garden practice and transform the way you teach and educate children. If you are looking to take a deeper look at your own Outdoor Classroom transformation and seeking new outdoor teaching practices as a Natural Teacher, this class is for you!

Inside this e-course, you will find three Modules. Each Module highlights video’s and includes a variety of garden stories and lessons. Plan your year in the garden and create your own map of intention.  The Teaching in the Dirt: Becoming A Natural Teacher e-course is the perfect tool to jump-start your Outdoor Classroom! Participants also have access to the e-course specific Tool Shed which includes a Welcome Center, Resource Library with Take-Action Worksheets and Outdoor Classrooms Book Store. Discover our amazing community of Natural Teachers and sign up Today!



  • MODULE 1: Strengthening Your Professional Identity as a Natural Teacher
  • MODULE 2: Your Own Map of Intention: Creating a Vision
  • MODULE 3: Nurturing Your Garden Practice: The Transformation


Once you sign up you will receive access to the entire Teaching in the Dirt: Becoming A Natural Teacher e-course. You will also receive Garden Notes with additional resources in your inbox. This is a self-paced e-course and includes:

A Welcome Message
  • Three Modules (each with an introduction video)
  • 3 Content Videos in each Module
  • Access to your tour guide, Victoria Hackett
Tool Shed
  • Welcome Center
  • Book Store
  • Becoming a Natural Teacher Take Action Worksheets
  • 4 Garden Notes
  • Resource Library
  • Garden Stories
  • Do you need help with redefining your Outdoor Curriculum?
  • Do you need to be inspired?
  • Do you find yourself uncertain and overwhelmed with the idea of teaching Outdoors?

If you answered yes….come join us. Looking forward to seeing you in class!





  • Welcome  

    A Welcome Message For You


    • Online Classroom
    • Welcome Center
    • How this e-Course Works
    • Garden Notes
  • Module 1 

    Strengthening Your Professional Identity as a Natural Teacher


    • 1-0: Welcome to Module 1
    • 1-1: The Best Year Yet: One Month at a Time
    • 1-2: Strengthening Your Professional Identity
    • 1-3: Just Over the Bridge: An Exercise
  • Module 2 

    Your Own Map of Intention: Creating A Vision


    • 2-0: Welcome to Module 2
    • 2-1: Your Own Map of Intention: Creating a Vision
    • 2-2: Digging Deeper: Laying the Tracks for Your Road Trip
    • 2-3: Our National Parks: America’s Largest Outdoor Classrooms
  • Module 3 

    Nurturing A Garden Practice: The Transformation


    • 3-0: Welcome to Module 3
    • 3-1: Nurturing Your Garden Practice: The Transformation
    • 3-2: 10 Life Lessons from Outdoor Classrooms
    • 3-3: Becoming an Advocate for Nature Based Education

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